May 22, 2012… We were featured on ABC’s The Chew as part of a piece on the North End. Of course we had to teach the correspondent, Evette Rios, how to shuck an oyster.  Click here for the video!

June 16, 2011 … Our oyster shucking lesson is featured on Boston’s City’s Best  “Free Oyster Shucking Lessons: Oysters are all the rage right now, especially with a lot of our favorites hailing from our own New England bays. At Mercato del Mar you can figure out exactly what kind of oyster eater you are and they’ll even teach you how to shuck like a pro… for free! Being talked about as one of Boston’s most fun free dates as well as a great group activity, every Saturday they’re offering up free oyster shucking lessons at the North End Fish Market. Reservations aren’t necessary, just show up, start shucking and only pay for what you eat. A great way to learn a new skill and make some friends; lessons start at 1pm.
Every Saturday; 1pm – 3pm”

August 26, 2010…Mercato del Mare’s oyster shucking lessons are number 5 on’s list ofcheap, creative dates around Boston!

July 24, 2010…Mercato del Mare’s oyster shucking lessons are #90 of 365 things to do in Boston.
April 4, 2010…Traditional, modern mix together in Boston’s North End.  Frances Folsom, Nashua Telegraph, writes about her experiences as a child in the North End and how it’s evolved.

March 27, 2010….Cooking with Georgia & Dez was filmed at MdM!  Check out the website for this local cooking program which features the charismatic mother and daughter duo preparing quick, healthy Mediterranean dishes.  The website has lots of useful tips and some great recipes.

September 16, 2009…MdM shucking lessons are videotaped and featured on  It’s part of a series by Courtney Hollands’ Next Stop: T stop fun.  Check out the video

June 24, 2009..Read what people are saying about us on Chowhound and Yelp!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009:  Sole proprietors of Mercato del Mare celebrate one year in the North End

Monday March 30, 2009 at 7:30 pm – Mercato del Mare was on Chronicle

Mary Richardson gets a hands on lesson in oyster shucking from Liz of the North End Fish Market!  click on the link below to watch! Mercato del Mare is in Food Journal Segment Two about 2:39 into the segment.

Seafood market catches interest in North End
Boston Globe
By Andrea Pyenson
Globe Correspondent / January 14, 2009

Boston Globe
Shucking Lessons
Saturday’s from 1:00p to 3:00p
Mercato del Mare, Boston, MA
99 Salem Street
in the North End

Want to become a sought after party guest? Come in and learn to shuck oysters and clams.  Lessons are free, you just pay for what you shuck.